Laptop shopping

Once again my Birthday is just around the corner. It's like someone screaming in the room with a Big Fat Sign flashing your Older Momma!!! Oh well, it's gonna happen and I guess it's better then the alternative. Actually I know for a fact that it's better then the alternative.
So, for my Birthday Thanh is getting me a new laptop. I'm thrilled, because I'm determined to have a finished book by the end of the summer. YEAH!
Anyway, so I asked Thanh about getting the laptop this weekend. He thought great idea. Easy enough....right? Oh noooooooooooooooo! All week he looked on every website that mentioned lap tops. He compared prices, checked for rebates and everything in between. So, Saturday gets here and like a kid on Christmas I was ready to hop in the car and get my new toy.
I didn't realize that my trip to the toy store was going to consist of 4 stores and 10 sales men. I wanted a pretty one with the most power and battery life. That's all I cared about. Simple, I thought, duhhhhhhh. I hate to say it but we didn't bring home the prize, but we tried again on Sunday. And after 2 stores we decided on the one. I don't even know which one, shows how much I paid attention. I just wanted the torture to end. We grabbed the little sales guy and showed him the one we wanted to get. I was like I want to take this little beauty home with me today. Right now I want to put it in my oddly shaped buggy and pay for it. And take it home and be recharged from it's beauty.
But, I once again came home empty handed. Yes, it's sad, but they were out. We stood there with our little slip of paper while the sales guy went to "get" my baby. La La La, I looked at other stuff and Thanh was still looking online, just once more to make sure this was the best deal for all the bells and whistles that I will never use anyway. And then the guy comes out and says it will be on the truck Tuesday. That's sooooooooooo long away.
But, I will wait till Tuesday for my new Baby.
After a long day we grabbed some food and hung out at home. Kaden hasn't been feeling well today. He's running a fever tonight. I hate when my kids get sick. I worry, worry and worry. After a game of Monopoly with the older kids I made good on a promise. I took Skylar to Costco for a driving lesson. More on that later!

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  1. Sheila Bo Beela: you seriously crack me up! I love the way you write and by the way, you need to kick my big hiney so I get started on my book on how to advocate for your child when no one will listen. I am proscrastinating because I think in my little ole noggin that it will never get published and blah blah blah. Kick me girl!