Emotions & Hormones

We are all crafted out and full of.....burgers. :-) Mahala ans the girls had a great time today, now they are trying to settle in for the night. Well, at least after they figure out how to clean up the broken glow sticks. Yes, the downstairs bathroom looks like a night club when the lights are out. We needed to fix it up a little any way.
Watching them together reminded me of my younger, Innocent years. I remember emotions would go up and down. One second we were friends talking about everything from pink toenails to science projects. Then the next we were threatening one another with ending the sleep over early. Emotions and hormones what a hurricane of craziness.
Parents would pop their heads in to check on us. On the surface it looked like we were just hanging out listening to tapes and flipping though Bop magazines. But, what was really going on was so much more. Hearing certain songs would bring us painfully through break ups. Hearing that he wasn't really that hot and that you are better off with out him would cause our emotions to flip flop and we would be off on a high.
When we were depressed we leaned on each other and would be able to fix problems that then seemed astronomical. Nothing else mattered just your circle of people. For me it was even more so, without having family. I had no ties to anyone or any place.


  1. This post sure hit home with me....I felt like I was reading my own life there for a second!

  2. I have an award for you on my blog ... pick it up. Mom of the Year Award :)