Stinky New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Stinky New Year!

It's stinky because I didn't remember that today was "the day". It changes every year and it wasn't until Thanh told me at 11:55 last night.
Now just like regular New Year you can't take a bath. It will wash all your luck away. So, normally the night before everyone would have bathed their nasty, little selves. Well, this year the Fam didn't get the memo so we all stink.
The reason: We didn't go to church service Sunday. Instead we stayed home and watched it on TV. So, showers were skipped Sunday morning.
To say the least I am not too happy about sitting here at the gym wondering if I put enough product in my hair to make people think it's a hair gel shine and not one from mother nature. You guessed it, I'm here watching Mahala flip around doing her gymnastics thing. Don't worry, I haven't detected a "pig pen" cloud around her yet. HA HA
Thank the Lord I brushed my teeth and used a cleansing cloth for a tissue to fake blow my nose this morning. Thanh is just as bad as I am on American New years traditions. With clean teeth and clothes it took me up a notch from freshly rolled out of the bed look. I also made sure to put my ring on so that people could see that yes, even I could find a man. HA HA .
Mahala is doing so good, I am very proud of her. I love watching her move across the floor. Building confidence in a young girl is so important. If I had someone foster that in me I wouldn't be hovered in a corner right now with my car freshener attached to my lap top bag. I swear! :-0


Journey of the braces

Skylar goes and gets his braces tomorrow morning. He has been wanting braces since he was like 9, so here you go Big Boy!!!!
So here is my braces story. Yes, I am going to bore everyone with yet another story. This is the reason why my diary ran away and jumped into a burn pile.
I have been waiting for my braces since I was 10 years old.
I went to the Dentist when my Dad was alive. I was told that I would need braces. Well, Mom started getting sick and the focus was on her more. That's ok- I can deal.
Well when I was 11 Dad died. Then I was taking care of Mom and the focus was on her constantly- that's fine. Then Mom died a week before I turned 13 and my chances were over now.
In foster care I never saw a Dentist, because I didn't have Dental insurance. The next time I saw a Dentist I was 21 living in a shelter. The poor man was like you have a lot of dental issues lady. But given my situation there wasn't much I could do about it.
So, I had my teeth looked at again when we came to go ole CA. Finally I have Dental insurance!!! The Dentist suggested that I have my jaw broken and wired shut for 6-7 months. Add some braces and some other hoopla and then you'll be good as new. I was like whatever!!!!!
I was too chicken and then my Lupus came along so everything was pushed to the side.
When I went to the regular Dentist 2 months ago he was concerned with my 2 K9 teeth. I had to get something done. I was worried about the money, but I figured saving money for dentures would be just as bad.
Ok,Ok!!!! No surgery I told them so some crafty, inventive braces will have to do the trick for today. I believe it will do the job, I will keep you updated.



I'm getting braces tomorrow. HA HA HA, it makes me laugh so hard. I'm scared that it's going to hurt like the dickens. I know, I'm a big baby. Oh, well I can be if I want to.
I am kind of excited to be able to just be for an hour and a half while he does the darn procedure. Is that awful, or what? I love my kids, don't get me wrong. But, since we have been back to school it's been a Mad house. We have projects and meetings with our teachers, tests, mission designs up to my ears, assignments, required reading selections and on and on. Why did I want to homeschool? Ohhhhhhhh, yeah I remember now....just a little brain fart.
So, life is life and we are just trying to get through the winter. This cold weather is so hard on me. I was up until 6:30 this morning crying in pain. All night long I thought I was going to die. The weird thing is during the night like that when all is so lonely and quiet I wonder what if I did slip away in the night. What if the pain gets so painful that I just combust? Now in broad day light that doesn't make any sense and I now that the chances of it actually happening is slim to none. But, at night in the dark, when it's just you and the Golden Girls the possibilities are endless.