Little Coffee House of Horrrrrrers!

I have totally been wrapped up in my life these past few days. I wish that I could tell you I'm nursing a sunburn from sitting on the beach for a week. But, noooooooooo that would be a lie. And I my friend do not tell lies. I speak of truth....HA HA.
So what do you want to hear about first? There is sooooo much to tell. Most important is that we are going to lose our house! I know, I know, to most people that would be hard to swallow. But, I have been through so much in my life that this is like putting on another hat. The "oh, I better make a plan and get all my blocks in one sock" hat. Yeah you know which one I'm talking about, we all have one. And that is what I am doing right now, getting my ducks in a row.
I can't remember if I ever told the story of our financial night mare or not. If I have scroll down, I would hate to bore you again.
Thanh and I used to talk about having a small coffee or tea house. A friend had told me about her sister selling her coffee house. How neat I thought- HA!
A few days later I went to a local coffee house. For some crazy, mutated, unexplained reason I asked if they were family owned. I told them I was interested in opening up a place of my own one day. The employee said that the owner was her father and that they were thinking of selling. RUUUUUN, I SHOULD HAVE RAN LIKE THE WIND!!!
I met with the owner and he laid it on pretty thick. He told us that he had a leg injury that was causing him to think about selling. He said business was great, but he couldn't keep up anymore with his growing responsibilities at church and his injury.
Long story short we bought with cash a business that was supposed to be bringing home around $1,800 a day. Instead we went into MAJOR debt with a coffee house that brought in around $700 a day. We had to take loan after loan out to cover the bills.  We had to walk away from it all because the money is gone. No more people, not a card left to charge. It's been a few months since we've closed the coffee house doors. And now we are going to lose our home. I'm ok with it now, because there are no more tears left to shed. It can only get better from here. Right?????
The old owner never put us on the lease. He lied in so many ways. All the money we gave him to swap names on the lease and deposits was all pocketed. Most of the appliances did not work properly, espresso machines included. There were bills left for goods that needed to be paid or we wouldn't have product to sell. I mean it was a mess!!!!


  1. I am so sorry that this is happening to you. Do you have any legal recourse against the previous owner?
    I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. "The sun will come out Tomorrow, You can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow . . ."

  3. Anonymous10/17/2008

    I'm emailing you...check it!