When it rains it pours

WOW, what a day I had yesterday! It was busy as usual, nothing to out of the ordinary. Then we left for gymnastics. The kids were so excited to hit the gym. We got there and Skylar was out on the floor first. His warm up was great and then Mahala was off to start her warm up. Next thing you know one of the instructors came up to me and said they think Skylar had broken his leg. No body in our family has ever broken anything, so I was not familiar with what I would have to deal with. He was all scrunched up on a stack of mats trying to hold back tears. They told me he did a front flip off of the spring board and landed with his knees too far forward. God love him it took 4 guys to situate him just right in the van. They were very careful and calm. Mahala decided to stay and finish her class, which was good because I could just focus on Skylar. The ride seemed long and very bumpy. We got there and I ran in to get help. They sent out a stretcher and took him right in. He screamed almost at the top of his lungs in pain. It was hard to watch. The meds seemed to take the edge off, but he needed more like every hour, so the doctor was anxious to see what was going on in that leg. We were there nearly 3 hours before someone from the ex ray department came. After the ex rays Thanh and Mahala walked in and then the doctor told us the news. He broke his Tibia in half. Half way up his leg, right on the shin. He's probably going to need surgery, we aren't for sure yet. I hope not, but if he needs it he needs it. So, for the next 3 hours we waited and waited and then finally they put a splint on from his ass to his toes. He had to turn onto his stomach and I thought he was going to break a window he cried and screamed so loud.
I asked about meds, because at this time it's after midnight. They told me a 24 hour pharmacy is like 35 min. away. Are you kidding me? I was hoping they would send me home with a few to get me through the night. Thanh was pissed. Thank God I basically have a pharmacy at home and I had plenty of Vicodin to share. And don't worry I made sure the prescription was the same.
So, we finally get home. Thanh and I prop him up in the rocking chair down stairs. I gave him more meds and ice. We decided to give him my cell phone so he could call Thanh's upstairs and I would come help him. Night Night, right? Wrong!
We walk upstairs and Thanh says I should tell Anna we are home, because she was very worried. I knock on her door and I told her everything that happened. She said she needed to use the bathroom, so I followed her out into the hall behind her. The light was off and as we were still talking she said that she couldn't see. I thought it was because the light was off. She started swaying back and forth and I was like quit playing around. She didn't say anything and then fell face forward on the desk and then back into my arms. I lowered her to the ground and hollered for Thanh. I thought she was having a seizure, because I couldn't see. Thanh turned on the lights and her eyes were wide open and she didn't answer us. I was terrified. After a minute she was like what happened. She was white as a ghost! She had a banana and some Gatorade, because she said she hadn't ate since like 4pm and it was a pack of cookies. Lord it scared me! Say a Prayer for Anna today.
What a night!!!! Finally we went to bed. Poor Skylar had to call on me 4 times that night. Today has been hard for him. Please Pray for him. He needs peace of mind, and strength to get through the pain. Please Pray that his bone heals properly and that Monday the Dr. says he doesn't need to have a rod put in. I need Prayers too. My body can only take so much. I need strength to get through the sleepless nights and strength to help move him.


  1. Oh Man....Poor Guy!

    I sure hope it heals without the needed surgery. I hope everything is okay with Anna too. Hopefully it was just because she was hungry.

  2. Oh Sheila: it's so scarey when a child gets hurt and then you wait so many freaking HOURS, literally, to get a diagnosis! I will pray for him that his leg heals like it's supposed to and he doesn't need the surgery! Poor baby! Will you email me your address if it's OK? I'd like to send him something next week! :)

  3. Anonymous9/13/2008

    Poor baby! I hope his leg heals without surgery and I hope Anna is okay, too. Hopefully it was just because she hadn't eaten anything. I am praying for your whole family.

  4. Anonymous9/13/2008

    I feel so bad for you and your little guy. I pray that he heals quickly and doesn't need a rod put in.

    (((((HUGS)))) to you all.

  5. Sheila!!

    You poor thing! I'll pray for your son that he can heal with a minimum of discomfort.

    Hope your daughter is doing better. I bet her blood sugar was too low.

    Keep us updated.


  6. Oh Jeez, that sounds pretty rough. I hope that they can get Skylar's pain under control and get him heal nicely.
    And good for you and Skylar that you could remain calm and comforting for him. I hope you all get some comfortable rest.

  7. Oh.My.Gosh! I am sitting here with my hand over my mouth! Poor Skyler! WOW! That must've been SO pinful! HOLY cow!

  8. Day & Shry9/14/2008

    Holy cow! Tell that kid we're thinking of him OK? If you guys need anything, give us a ring.

  9. {{{{ gentle hugs }}}}
    Awww honey, I am so sorry all of that went down in one day! Please keep us posted on whether surgery will be needed, and I hope Anna is feeling much better now. Tons of prayers and good thoughts coming your way!
    Hang in there mama!

  10. Anonymous9/15/2008

    I left bloggy love for you on my page :)

  11. oh, the poor sweetie - this is terrible!!!!
    My prayers are withyour family sweet girl!!!