Love Forever

Today has been a busy day so far. After Bible study I talked Thanh into going out to lunch. We had a FAB lunch!!! Thanh and I had the best conversation too. The kind were I knew he was listening, because he participated and he actually seemed interested. Honey, if you are reading and you were just zoning out please don't tell me. Let me enjoy my tiny fantasy!
So, we talked about our love for each other and how 11 years together changes the kind of love you share. We talked about a friend of his that he has known forever, but hasn't seen in eight years. We talked about how it is amazing that we are still together and; in love. We have been through so much as a couple. Here is just a list of the Major things that has happened in the past 8 years.
Moved across country
Had 2 pregnancies
Lost everything we owned to toxic mold- don't even ask, it SUCKED!
Have bought 2 houses and 3 cars
Started 2 businesses
My Lupus showed up and I almost died from it.
I struggle with Lupus everyday.
We lost a business- $350,000+
Almost lost house and are still barely getting by.
We have 3 kids and I homeschool them. We have gone through this and many little trials and we are still happy and in love. 
I did some shopping for school supplies after I dropped Thanh off at work. I'm excited for school to start, I know call me Crazy!


  1. YOU ROCK!!! I totally remembering doing all that stuff to when the movie came out. I use to love her look and if I still looked that good, I would probably still dress that way! :)

    And Gobbstoppers! YES! You rock out and SING YOUR HEART OUT GIRL!!!! After all you and your husband have been through, you DESERVE to belt it out to your FANS!!! :)

    Take care!

  2. LOL. It's always great when you can have fun and be silly, especially when you don't care who sees you. That's part of your free spirit and I love it!

  3. Love to sing in the car - I sing with my kids all the time!!!!!!

    Stay in love!!