New Territory in the Parenting World

There are books galore out there to tell you what to expect while you are expecting and how to get through the toddler years.  Even magazines dedicated to parenting the lives of tweens and younger.  It gets a little muddled in the teen years, rows of drama prevention, stealth bedroom shake down 101, talking so they listen and other typical teen woes fill book stores and libraries.  But, then what?  Parenting doesn't stop when they turn 18.  I have been wading through uncharted waters.  I mean give me a teething baby, 5th grade math, even a teary teenager....I can handle.  But, when you see your adult child living life, making decisions, working full time, moving into their own place.... it's hard.  It's difficult to just turn off the overly abundance of wisdom from flowing out of your mouth all the time.  To not have an answer for everything, even questions unasked.  You can't swoop down and make everything better and easier to understand.  And you know what, they don't really even want that.  So, what can I do?  What is my role now? 

What I've been learning is that my parenting "in the flesh" is over...it's time to parent him in the Spirit.  Now I must Pray for my son and trust God to do what I simply cannot do.  It's a process, one day at a time, hand in hand with the Lord walking every step of the way. :)

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