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Kaden has been kind of a slow starter when it comes to anything regarding Grammar.  He knows the basics, but most of the rules and heavy writing that usually accompanies English lessons seems to just overwhelm him.  That said we really have just put Grammar on the back burner and have worked on handwriting and of course loads of reading.  But, along came an opportunity from English on a Roll, to try Linda H. Koran’s English Grammar Teaching Method

Wow, where was this game like 10 years ago?  My goodness I can think of many times I could have used this with Skylar who struggled with Grammar as well.  Skylar was more of a typical kid struggle, but with Kaden having Autism he just learns differently.  He needs hands on, he needs to visually see and be able to feel the learning process.  Well, this Mom never in a million years would have come up with something as cool as this product right here.  Let me share with you what we did with our set we received.

First of all I have to tell you that these dice are heavy engraved, nice size (a little bigger then average dice) that come in a sturdy case for easy storage.  We were even able to tote it along with us on our last RV trip.  We also received the Book One Manual that was filled with 37 different lessons.  As soon as we opened it Kaden immediately noticed all the different colors and started grouping them together.  There are 40 of them and he was trying to make up sentences and even playing (I Spy a Word) with them.  It's so cool to watch a child use their imagination and creativity. :) 
Inside the Manual there is a Cube Guide that explains the colors and function of each word.
  • Pronouns Blue
  • Question word Green
  • Nouns Dark Blue
  • Articles Dark Blue 
  • Prepositions Dark Blue
  • Verbs Red
  • Adverbs Orange
  • Adjectives Purple
  • Punctuation Black
  • Conjunctions Black 
  • 2 Blank for Customizing
There is a brief introduction on how to use and then it goes right into the lessons.  At the beginning of each lesson is a clear section that explains preparation, additional notes or instruction and Vocabulary needed for that specific lesson.  Let me walk you through Lesson 2.  After gathering the cubes we needed I had Kaden read them and I briefly reread the teaching concepts.  I like that the concepts offer great instruction to me as the Teacher to be able to teach him the concept that speaks best to him.  In this lesson I drew out a tree and had him write in the words be, am, is and are.  We reiterated that verbs are Red.  I even took out the sensory board for him to trace the words.  When he worked on the written work he also used a Red marker to tap into that visual aspect even more.  We always read through the Conversation/Games list and picked out a new one or two each day.  Obviously the earlier lessons he found pretty easy, but once we hit lesson 8 we started taking a little longer to complete a lesson and you could tell he needed to put more thought into the lesson. 

Each lesson took us 3 days to complete.  First day we learned the concept and then completed one of the conversations/games.  Day 2 we reviewed and did a few more activities and the last day we reviewed and did the written work.  For us this was perfect Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
To be honest this was a great supplement to the Literature and English we have going on already.  It helped break up our week and gave him a little fun vacation from boring Grammar.  He doesn't even realize it was real learning.  I have to say several times I have found him even building with them on the kitchen table before dinner or making up little games to play with them on his own time.  A love for learning develops in moments like these. :)  We love playing games and switching up the regular homeschool routine to fun non-book activities  If your child learns well using manipulatives then this is a must to try....Multi Sensory Grammar, who knew it existed?  We will be continuing through the rest of the book for this next school year, Kaden is thrilled.  Make sure you Connect with English on a Roll on Facebook.

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