Sweet Treats Around the Campfire

Honestly it's my favorite part of camping....the campfire.  I love the ritual of gathering wood, making the kindling, building and tending to the fire once it's going.  The relaxing crackle of the fire, the mesmerizing glow from the embers and the sweet conversation and laughter among my Family as we let the early morning drift closer and closer.

That's great and all, but we need a little something for our tummies too.  Of course we have the traditional Smores.  We love them and we try to see who can find the best cooking spot in the fire.  We all try each others creations with kit-kats, peppermint patties, rollos, peanut butter cups...you name it and we have smooshed it in between 2 graham crackers and a toasted marshmallow! :)  This last trip I did decided to use fudge stripped cookies instead of the graham cracker....yummmy!  I highly suggest getting a little container to collect all your Smore goodies so you don't have to fumble with packaging and breaking chocolate bars to fit while your defending your little honey hole in the fire!  :)

Another favorite is waffle cones or any ice cream cone really, filled with yummy goodness.  I love these because Kaden helps build them, he needs to be hands on as mush as possible to keep him engaged so I include him any way possible.  This trip we used rollos, chocolate and peanut butter chips.  And like always marshmallows.  You can use fresh berries or any candy you want, even sprinkles.  After you layer it in you wrap the cones with foil and stand the upright around the edge of the fire, not directly....it will burn if you do that.  After a few minutes check one to see how it's melting and turn if you need to.  I always have an extra one made to use as my tester. :)

I don't know about you, but I grew up with this next little goodie....the yummy banana boat!  I like to use ripe bananas, cut a slit in them almost all the way to the bottom peal.  And then fill them with raisins, chocolate candies, sprinkles, dried fruit, coconut,  peanut butter and chocolate chips and of course marshmallows! 
Then just like the cones you wrap in foil and carefully arrange around the outskirts of the fire with the slit upright.  These usually take anywhere between 8-10 minutes.  And so delicious, we have been known to top with a little whipped cream at the end! :) 

It's not always a chocolatey marshmallow ending to all of our campfire nights.  We also love fresh cut watermelon, frozen grapes and toasty cups of chi or hot cider.  We love making cobblers over the pit and small cakes and brownies in hallowed our orange and grapefruit peels.  What are some of your favorite sweet treats around the campfire?

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