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This next Review is a little different....It's normally geared for Public Schools to use.  But, they are opening it up to us homeschool families.  I was super interested to see what MarshMedia had to offer us.  They specialize in producing Health Education Programs designed for kids in grades K-8.  Their programs are used through out the United States and Canada as well as many other countries.  MarshMedia's signature products are their 6 different types of Puberty education series.  But, they offer everything from Nutrition to Head Lice.  I was able to use their Homeschool Special with Kaden the past few weeks.

As you know Kaden is on the Spectrum, so he struggles in the hygiene department and he's nutritionally challenged as his diet changes with what color he wants to eat on that given day.  That said, you can see why I was happy to see what this was all about.

After logging in I browsed through the selection of over 50 videos.  I immediately went to the hygiene and nutrition section.  Kaden's first video was called Go Slow Whoa and it talked about putting foods you eat in these categories.  I appreciated that most of the videos are just 15 or so minutes long.  So, you can do like us and use them during transition periods during your day.  During the summer months would be an excellent time too.  Some of the other programs we watched were about keeping himself clean and healthy....from teeth to exercise.  I also viewed a few of the puberty ones that I plan to watch with him later this week. 

MarshMedia has a Special Needs section that has some great programs for Social Skills.  Kaden has viewed them a few times.  All the subjects discussed all pertained to Kaden,  He struggles with almost every single situation, so seeing real kids in real life situations was very helpful.  Reading it is one thing, but seeing it is so much better.  Kaden's safety is a huge worry for us and I do feel we have made some great progress just after watching once.  We paused the video and practiced like suggested and it was helpful for him to practice and for all of us to see how real the struggle is for him.  He is the type of kid that what he learns gets filled away and becomes solid information he never forgets.  More than a dozen times he has looked to me and quoted something he heard on one of the videos.  Makes me one happy Mama!!! :)

So, what did I think?  Well, as a Special Needs Mom I was impressed and can see the value of using these videos in our homeschool.  I appreciated how they used all different kinds of kiddos in the videos and they stress about media pressures and how to love and value yourself and your differences.  I liked how they address talking to the right people in their life, the videos didn't seem like boring outdated material that I remember from my school days.  The videos I watched with Kaden seemed very positive, motivation and purposeful.  It wasn't a struggle to get him to watch and I feel like it opened a door for us to talk about some situations that have been on his mind.  
So, If you are anything like us and would like to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to introduce the MarshMedia curriculum to your homeschool family click on the link below! 

 photo Health Image_zpsdmduxslv.pngHealth Education Products for K-8 {MarshMedia }

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