Sensory Seeker

Kaden is a huge Sensory Seeker...all day every single day.  As long as he is in control, if we walked into a room with loud music and strobe lights we would be in for a long meltdown.  But, I have seen him roll around on the floor for over and hour with his blinking light thingy we bought at Disney last year and have absolutely no problem with it. 

These days I'm pretty happy with my Autism Mama Skills these days.  Long ago are the days when I tried to squeeze a typical day out of not so typical kid.  And we are all much happier for it. I used to go by the seat of my pants and do a workbook approach with Skylar who was public schooled through 6th grade.  He was very much used to workbooks and taking tests.  Mahala has been homeschooled since the end of 2nd grade.  I did a laid back unschooling approach and we worked on Mastering subjects.  We used a rough outline with Sonlight.  We focused on Good Books and burning through each grade level.  This way burned her out a little, because I think it became mundane and not fun or exciting.  

But, this was also the Season of life we were living in.  From the time Kaden was 4 ears old until  he was a little over 8 we had people in our home 40 hours a week doing ABA therapy with him.  And before that we were in over our heads and didn't know what we were going to do.  We did the best we could during that time.  This past year has been a huge difference in so many ways.  I'll share some of the changes later this week, but here is what my little Sensory Seeker has been up to this week.
Of course reading is a Major thing for him.....he reads constantly and always 2-4 books at a time.  I should share Kaden's reading List.... :)

Any time he can get into water he takes the opportunity.  Add a little essential oil and or bubbles and you have one happy boy.  We have recently been combining water beads and Homer to his trampoline time too.  Homer provides pressure and company as Kaden soaks in the sun.  And the water beads are a texture treasure in his eyes.  We do this also while we read, practice math facts, do oral spelling tests, narration and listening to audio dramas.

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