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 We have another book to Review today, but this one is a little different.  We had the opportunity to read Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family.  This book is different for a few reasons.  One, it's a Graphic Novel and two it's Faith Based.  So, that means clean language, appropriately dressed characters and a little Biblical Wisdom.  Sounds like a win win situation to me.  We have loved Adventures in Odyssey since the kids were young so this was going to be fun to add to our family library.

I've never been one to enjoy comic books, but I was super excited to get this for Kaden.  But, it proved to be a hard match for him.  I think comics aren't his thing either, only because the flow of the comic was overstimulating to him.  I think he was frustrated with not knowing exactly what to read next.  What we did though was I would read to him and then he would look at the pictures.  It worked for us and it gave us an opportunity to spend quality reading time together.

Captain Absolutely begins in Kaden's favorite place....the library.  The character Josiah causes an explosion with a powerful seed..... a sunflower seed that fell into his computer.  Happens all the time, I'm sure! :)  Anyway the explosion caused him to be trapped in a room full of Bibles, not to mention radioactive fumes.  One thing led to another and boom you have Captain Absolutely and then the stories go from there as he fights lies to reveal truth and justice!!!  It's packed with villains trying to keep the word of God away from Metropolitanville citizens.  We both liked seeing scripture throughout the book and reading how this Superhero fights back with God's Word.

So, what did we think?  We both loved the content and the problems that were combated with the Holy Word.  I don't think Kaden likes the comic book style right now, but I can see that changing over time.  It was strictly a sensory thing and not the content.  I asked him if he wanted to pass it along to someone else and he said we could, but he wanted to read through it again.  Now our favorite part was in the back.  There is a super cool section called Big Questions that was filled with questions and the page number in the comic that answered the question.  Like What makes the Bible different from other books?  How do you share the truth in your neighborhood?  What do you do when you feel lonely?  Why do Christians still sin?  What is spiritual maturity?  And there are many other great questions to get the conversation flowing between you and your child.  Kaden's favorite was the Character pages in the back.  It was kind of like a little Bio for them.  He Loved it!!!

I think this would be an awesome leisure read for kiddos even teenagers would probably enjoy this.  And the cool thing for us parents is there is No worries, I love being able to not have to wonder what they are reading, being influenced by or that their minds are being filled with nonsense.  
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Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}

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