Kaden's Adventures

We were out and about for a bit yesterday.  I am trying so desperately to get Kaden outside every single day.  For typical Kiddos I'm sure that's not an issue.  But, Kaden on the other hand would rather stay inside working on a project, play on the computer, read books or play with his legos.  Once I get him outside though he blooms and radiates this energy that I just love to see.

I try to change things up and offer different excursions and projects.  Some things I have picked up for us to use is a field microscope, nature guides, notebooks and this neat little art set within a carrying case.  He also has binoculars, a magnify glass and various bottles and enclosures for his findings. 

Yesterday we wanted to go see this little local pond in our area to look for ducks.  We found a few geese, a little water fall and some squishy mud half way up his shoe.  Oh, and I almost forgot about the thorn.....big thorn in the finger.  But, it was exciting...like an adventure.  I romance it to him to try and get him on-board with me...it's a process that we are working on.  My goal is by the Summer time he asks me to go out and explore....fingers crossed!!!

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