The Thirsty Reader

No matter where we are Kaden is sure to find a cozy spot and a book.  I remember back on our RV trip he would pick up pamphlets from every place we stopped.  He is a sponge just soaking up information from anywhere and everywhere.   That was one of the cool things about our trip, knowledge was lurking around every corner just waiting to be discovered.
He reads so fast...it's almost impossible to quench his thirst for reading.  Leslie asked me if he comprehended what he read.  She had taken him the other day to a Book store where he read 3 books while she leisurely browsed new titles and sipped coffee.  The answer is......Absolutely!  

I'm always amazed when we take turns reading out-loud.....he reads super fast, I have to remind him that I need to comprehend too. :)  And when it's my turn to read 99% of the time he is on his tablet playing a game.  I know that sounds a little weird that I actually let him play while I read, but he can almost repeat the last several lines I read word for word.  I find he is antsy if he isn't doing something while I'm reading.  Sometimes he builds models of bridges or buildings, plays with slime or clay, but in the evening you will usually find us curled in the bed or on the couch with a book and his tablet.
This year we are looking at signing up for the Kindle Unlimited.....have you tried it?  If so, what are your thoughts? 

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