New Rhythm To Life

Having a Kiddo with Autism has it's challenges to say the least.  Add in health issues that you struggle with daily and life can sometimes seem like a roller-coaster.  That's kind of where I've been at recently...just riding around, sometimes scared to death and then I turn a corner and I'm laughing myself silly.  It's our rhythm of life around here and I have accepted it.  No more fighting for perfect days, a spotless house and a filled calendar of fun outings.  
My priorities is to first get me some coffee and then more importantly is some Jesus.  The Family needs to be feed, both their bellies and their hearts before I even think about feeding their brains.  Then I focus on dinner and carving out time to nurture my marriage daily.  This is so important when you have kiddos, especially a kiddo on the spectrum.  It can take a toll on your marriage....on any relationship.

So, here is how today looked for us......
After being up all night with meltdowns and an episode of night terrors I got out of the bed at 10:30.  Yes, you read that correctly......Kaden was happily awake at 8am, later then his normal 7am and was ready to go like nothing had happened last night.....that is the song we sing over and over.  My Husband is amazing and got him settled downstairs while I slept.....my eyes were open all night until just before 5 this morning.  
I woke Mahala up, yes she was still sleeping because when Kaden doesn't sleep the whole house doesn't sleep.  And since she is the most amazing daughter she came downstairs and made sausage, eggs and bagels for the whole family while I nursed a cup of espresso drowned in cream.

After breakfast we read books and did some little chores around the house.  Mahala left with Skylar and Leslie to wash the dogs and run a few errands.  While they were gone Kaden and I baked bread from scratch, worked on decoding some scrambled Spelling Words and broke out a chalk set he hadn't opened yet from Christmas and he chalked the front porch like Van Gogh. 

Tonight I'm popping some ribs in the Insta pot, serving it with steamed broccoli from the Insta pot and our freshly baked bread.  After dinner we will probably watch a movie, read books up in bed followed by meditation and God willing lights out. 

I still call it a highly successful day!  Just go with the flow....breathe in breathe out.....


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  1. You inspire and amaze me! A successful day indeed!