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This next Review is going to be a real personal Review....it's about keeping your Family Safe....keeping everyone Accountable.  I have shared a little in the past about our Family's experience with addiction.  It's personal and not all My story to tell, so I haven't shared in detail on here and I probably never will.  But, this next Review came at a great time for our Family.....at a Healthy time in our lives.  We were given a year long subscription from Accountable2You for their Family Plan.  They also offer a Group Plan, Individual Plan, and Small Business Plan, so there is something suitable for anyone.  So, what is this Amazing Family Plan?  Well, first let me tell you a little bit about our story.

Almost 3 years ago I found out my Husband had been struggling with an Addiction.  I learned he was introduced to Pornography when he was just 10 years old.....that is jaw dropping for me, my Kaden turns 10 in a few months. I have seen 1st hand the damage it has caused my Husband, not only did the almost 30 years of objectifying women warp him in his walk with the Lord, but it affected every single relationship he had ever had.  From his Family, Teachers, Peers, his Kids and his relationship with me.  It sucked his self esteem, character and his pride.  As I watched years strip off of his built up walls he had around him I was able to see a Man I had Never met before.  This is why we are passionate about internet Safety and Education.  I want my Kids to know what is out there and where they could be if they given into temptations online.

4 Available Plans
Individual Plan : Personal monitoring- up to 6 devices
Family Plan : Multiple family members- up to 20 devices
Group Plan : Group of people- up to 6 devices per person
Small Business Plan : Small business- Administrator has access to all reports on monitored devices

Ok, I know that was a little deep, but I wanted you to know where we are coming from.  This has been a process that has changed our Whole Family.  So, what is Accountable2You?  They are an Internet Monitoring System that promotes Accountability, giving you the ability to support each other....because Sexual Sin has been around Forever and it's Not going anywhere.  This way of thinking is Inspired by the Biblical Scripture found in Proverbs "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." The design is basically for a person, family or group who want to be held to a higher standard...to be accountable for their actions.  It can be set up quickly by downloading the program to your devices, picking accountability partners for each of the devices that need to be monitored and setting up how you want partners to receive notifications and alerts.  You can have real-time text alerts for highly questionable activity, get hourly reports for questionable activity and you are able to customize all in between for what is tolerated on each device.  Another feature is the GPS tracking option for Androids and ios devices.  We do not use this, but I am thinking we may install it on Kaden's tablet for security.  He usually has his tablet with him at all times.  If he runs off  this could give us a hand in relocating him. :)  Also, I forgot to mention that you can even restrict usage on devices.  We haven't used this yet either, but we are going to use it for Mahala because I have noticed she falls asleep listening to music on her phone.  She forgets to put it away....having this on her device will be eyeopening for her to see how late she really is staying up and hold her accountable for getting to bed at a decent hour.

What we did do is we have my phone, Mahala's and my Husbands phone on the Plan.  We will be adding Skylar's phone too and Kaden's tablet.  We just wanted to test it all out first before getting everyone on.  We already had something installed that blocked anything we deemed inappropriate.  This was always a big stink for Mahala because it did seem to slow down the internet.  So, when I presented this she was extremely excited.  Because this is not a Filter, this is designed for accountability.  The person being held accountable needs to be on board with being held accountable.  Not everyone is at that place....my Husband is and has been Porn Free for almost 3 years.  So, this is perfect for us....everyone can use the internet responsibly and know that not only are they accountable to God, but their designated accountability partners.  My Husband has a few and so do Mahala and I.  We elected to do the daily email, and it is nice to know that we have an extra set of eyes looking out for us.
Before we downloaded and set everything up we all met and talked about how things would be handled when and if anything questionable popped up.  I think it's important to be prepared and informed, so that everyone is on the same page.

If you are looking for a way to hold yourself, your Family or group accountable Accountable2You may be just what you are looking for.  I feel like for our Family it is a perfect fit.  It's customization, not embarrassing to use for kids and adults that may worry about child like preventatives.  It's easy to set up and use and I feel like it empowers the users to take control over what their eyes see.  I encourage you to head over and check it out yourself.
Accountability across all your devices {Accountable2You}

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