RV There Yet?????

Planning for our RV trip has pretty much consumed all my free time and even stolen away a few precious sleepy time hours.  But, we have a route to and from Key West and we are excited!!!  We actually go and pick up the RV next Wednesday.  YAY!!!  We plan to do a quick weekend trip and then a week long trip before we actually do the BIG ONE!  That way we hope to work out all the kinks and find our little camping groove before we are hundreds of miles away from home.

I've already started a few organizational lists to sort out what we need to bring on the trip, along with a few wants.  Kaden's CD collection is a want, my Costco sized Ibuprofen bottle is a Must!  HAHAHAHA  I'm kind of just planning it a little like tent camping this first weekend trip.  I figured I'll tweak it for the next time and so forth until I have a system down.  We are just going local so if we don't have something we can just do without it and just make sure we bring it next time.  

I remember 16 years ago when we first started camping I took everything I thought we would need and a giant notebook.  While we were camping any time I wished I had something or came up with an idea I wrote it down for future camp trips.  Now it's a breeze and all in my head what to take.  I can get our whole Family, gear, food and all out the door in 3 hours.  But, now with the RV it's going to be a little different....a whole new system.  Tomorrow I'll share a little bit of our route........

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