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I Long to Create something Beautiful every single day.  From a To Do List, a Passage in my Bible to something to Hang Up on my wall for all to see.  Even though I'm always within a foot from some sort of a Craft Supply Basket busting at the seams I still need help "Teaching" Art to my Kiddos.  Luckily we have had the pleasure of using Amazing Art Curriculum from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. in the past. And several weeks ago they sent us their Sculpture Technique Model Art Curriculum to Mahala for Review.  The Sculpture Technique Series is geared towards High School and has 2 Books(sold separately)- Model and Construct.  Last year Mahala completed the Construct Book and enjoyed it so much.  And another great advantage is each of the Books count as a High School Credit! :)  

One of the Main things I appreciate about ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Curriculum and typically chose them over any other Art Curriculum is the Well Rounded Education that they provide.  It's not just a book filled with little craft projects.  Your Child will learn real form and technique, they will be visually stimulated by works of Art from Famous Artists and try to duplicate their talents to create something New of their own with what they have learned throughout the course.  
What's Inside this Course????  

Unit 1- Creating Mass with Putty it's Sculpture Time!!!  Make sculptures with putty and learn the concept of different kinds of mass like-modeled, static, and dynamic. 

Unit 2- Creating Scale in Clay gets your Kiddos wrist deep in clay while they learn the properties of clay and the tools to use with it.  They will learn how to create projects and Mold Clay using the Pinch Method, the Slab Method, and My personal Favorite....the Coil Method! 

Unit 3- Creating Surface with Fiber may seem like a challenge at first but, after these  projects you will be a pro.  In this Section they will learn some Color Theory to be able to chose the best colors for accentuating their Forms.  They will get to work with Wet Felting, Pre-Felts and Needle Felting to create several Beautiful Designs.

Once you open your Spiral bound book you see the overview of the course, table of contents and how to use this book.  Let's take a look at the Creating Mass With Putty Unit and dive into what your Kiddo will be doing.  I'll give you some examples of what Mahala did as well.  The 1st Unit of the Course was Creating Mass with Putty.  In the 1st Section Mahala was able to learn a little about how to construct a Modeled Mass and compared a Sculpture to a Painting or Drawing.  Noting how we visualize a Sculpture from all angles not just head on like a painting.  Mahala was intrigued by the Art piece in the course that was referenced to called Shelter Cove by Jacques and Mary Regat found in a Beautiful Sculpture Garden in Colorado.  This inspired Mahala to look up other pieces of Art locally to broaden her knowledge of what's right here in our own backyard. :)  Next Mahala was given a list of Materials used for this particular Unit.  Tools and Safety along with Basic Instructions.  I let her take full control of this portion, even have her make the list of items needed and off she runs to the store.  Next comes my Favorite and that's the Project Inspiration.  Here is where your Kiddo will get to experience real pieces of Art related the Unit they are currently doing.  In this particular Unit Mahala was able to see and learn about Early Nineteenth and Twentieth Century African Jewelry.  Beautiful wood and Gold pieces in the shape of fish.  The used these symbols of fish, birds and fruit from African Proverbs that you could find on their headdress pieces.  Mahala decided to do this, but wanted to make a Turtle.  After the Inspiration section is the Project Execution.  This is where the Fun and Dirty part happens.  I love all the details provided and pictures, it makes the process easier to follow along.  Also the Think Ahead portion with each Execution is great.  This is where my Art usually gets crazy....I don't think or plan, I just do.  Which is OK, but sometimes you need to put some extra thought into your work.  Here Mahala made her Turtle and planned out the designs for it's shell.

After all the projects are completed there is a final Section and that's called the Unit Evaluation where you Reflect on What You have Accomplished.  It's great to go over your Child's Projects with them.  We plan to do a little Art Exhibit once Mahala is finished with the Felting Unit.  I will Update with some Pictures of that once we finish. :)

So, what did I think?  I think this is the Best Art Curriculum out there as far as learning the Art Form, Seeing Actual Pieces and Creating your own Pieces with detailed instructions provided to you.  What more could You ask for?  For me and My Family that is all we need to feel confident in complete her requirements for school in the Art Department.  We do have additional things we do as far as Studying certain Artists, but from what I remember in ARTistic Pursuit's younger Courses most of that could be fulfilled without buying any extras.  
I most definitely suggest you go onto their Website and see for yourself all of the Amazing things you can Learn and Create with Your Kiddos.  
Be sure to see what they have going on with Social Media!
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ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

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