Essential Oils for Headache Relief

Poor Mahala has had the worst headache ever for the past week.  It regain with her 3rd sickness she had within a month, so we figured it was part of the cold she had.  But, it was fierce and making it almost impossible to sit up or even move from the couch.
She took Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Peppermint Oil, even a Chiropractor visit....nothing was calming it down.  Last night I decided that we would take her into the Doctor the next afternoon.  And as a last resort I looked through my Essential Oil books and tried to find something additional I could do to give her some sort of relief.  Peppermint Oil ALWAYS takes away our Family headaches, which is why I tried that first....but, this time it wasn't working.

What I found in my book was a few different mixes.  One I thought would do the Best, because it included ones I was familiar with and used.  I mixed Frankincense, Valor, PanAway and Peppermint and applied it to her forehead, temples, back of the neck and on her hands so she could slowly breathe it in.  Five minutes later the pounding and stabbing pain was gone.  A few minutes later we left her home and we went to church.  I was worried when we got back that it might be back.  To my surprise she was giving me the thumbs up.  We went ahead and reapplied around the back of her neck and temples before bed for good measure.  The next morning I literally opened the door to her room and was stunned by her big smile!  I had not seen that sweet smile for days!!!  Thank you Jesus for Blessing our family with these oils!
She took a shower and we put the oils on again like I did the first time just because life has been pretty painful lately and we just wanted to double make sure we kicked that headache to the curb.  It's late in the afternoon right now and still no headache at all.  I think the Oils tore it up and life can go on now.  :)  If you haven't tried Essential Oils before it's really worth looking into.

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