Blast from the Past with an Update!

October 2013 
Have You heard that saying the Proof is in the Pudding?   I'm sure you have, we all have.  I said this to my Son today and my 13 year old asked me what it meant exactly.  I explained to her and she was like, what's Skylar's pudding going to prove?  I don't know....that's why the Cake will rise, the Froth will form, the Peaks will be beat!  Ok, maybe It's that time of the month and I'm overly dramatic and craving a ton of sweets.  But, You get the idea!!

It's that you can Only do sooooooo much for your Children, before they need to fly off into the sunset and build a nest of their own.  You teach them right from wrong, you live by example and give then Valuable pieces of information that they will use many times down their long path called life.  You can teach them every story in the Bible and teach them at home from their Alphabets to Physics.  But, in the end it is what They choose to do with all those life lessons and Swirling DNA you passed down to them from the womb.
Am I an Emotional Basket Case right now???????  YES!  Yes, I am!!  My Oldest Son, is now in College and has a full-time Job and Life of his own outside of Our Sweet, Thomas Kinkade Painting of a Family.  Actually, we are a little more like a Picasso Rough Draft, but it's my Blog and I can write whatever I want to!  : D  

So, dealing with the changes in the Nest are somewhat of a Blunder.  I don't mean to be a Freak...Crying and Reminiscing at the drop of a Baby Sock or Stalk of Celery.  But, what can I say the Nest feels Colder, seems a bit Darker and just plain Different.

I'm sure I will write more about this......But, right now my Oldest Bird wants to Hang with the Rest of Our Flock!  ;D 

Update....He is Married now, working and still in college doing wonderfully.  The Pudding is Beautifully designed by God and it is Good!!!

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