School is Back in Session Today.....

Normally we take the whole month of December off.  But, since I was having some health issues we kind of took off a little earlier this year.  We started relaxing a bit before Thanksgiving and our Family was honestly better off for doing that.  I've learned over the years that nobody learns a thing if we are all stressed and irritable.  It's better to do what your capable of maintaining instead of what you highly expect from yourself and others. 
So, we started back today slowly.  We started off with our Favorite Breakfast....Bagel Egg, Sausage & Cheese sandwiches and slowly dove into School Work.  Mahala ran to her room to work on Biology while Kaden and I sailed through our day downstairs, starting with Math. 
No matter what kind of a School Day we are having we always incorporate Math and Reading.  This week I have an alternating schedule of worksheets and Khan Academy for Kaden's Math.  For Reading, he personally reads at least an hour a day on whatever book he has going on.  We have a Book going that he is reading for English and another one for History....we use Sonlight, so there is Never a shortage on reading here in our house.  I also have a New Book that I read out loud sometimes to all the Kids and sometimes, like right now it's just with Kaden.
It's been a few months since we have done a Character Study.  So, we started back up today.  I am so eager to get started consistently with Kaden, because he is ready now to soak it all in.  I will include Mahala too, even though she has been through it several times.....you can never have too much Character Training! :)  This week I have also included Bible and Journal Writing daily, Spelling twice and we are alternating History and Science each day.  
That's our Basics right now, later I will add on alternating days of Music, Cooking and Art.  I'll add daily English, Critical Thinking and bi-weekly Health and Spanish.  Just writing all that out makes my head spin....which is why for the this moment in time we are doing just the basics.  

I hope everyone is Blessed and Enjoying Their Sweet Families!!!

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