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We had the opportunity to Review a Math Supplement for the past several weeks.  This time it was for Mahala.  She has struggled with Algebra for a long time now and honestly am a little worried.  So, when I was presented the chance to try Stinky Kid Math from Stinky Kid Math I was like sign me up...this is something for us over here.  :)   photo Stinky Kid Math Logo_zpstzvcwjls.png

What's nice about this particular program is that it's Not a full curriculum.  Right now it's an online Math program that is designed basically to be a supplement to what you already have your child doing for math.   This video streaming service does offer some great worksheets that you will find connected with many of the videos, Love that!!!  This program covers both Algebra and Geometry, Mahala had no issues at all in the Geometry department.  So, our focus was the Algebra!!!
Right now she is using an online and workbook program for Math.  She uses it 5 days a week.  During the review period we decided each day she would start off with the Stinky Kid Math first and then continue with her normal Math routine.  Each day she would log on and basically move through section by section.  I know she's almost 16 with a bad case of undiagnosed ADD.  But, she just couldn't focus on the Teachers.  The zoo background and coffee shop were all too interesting I guess and her attention was always redirected to what was going on besides the words coming out of the Teachers mouth.  Some were better then others, but I will say that we Loved how we could go back and re-watch and had control of what we watched.  It was nice to see a real person and their facial expressions, but I think our Family needs a white board, monotone voice to get the facts.  I know....we must be weird! :)  Most days she would use the search bar and look for specific issues she was having,  And since the videos were fairly short she was able to watch 2 or 3 each morning and still have time to finish all her other work on time.  Most lessons have three components to them....the Video, Worksheets with Answer Key and some Games to play.
So, what did we think?  Well, like I said she had a hard time staying focused on the actual video.  She didn't retain what was being taught and need to watch it a few times.  For us at this point in her education I need to stick with a Math curriculum only and not sprinkle in too many extras.  I will say that Kaden who is 8years old Loved it, but he only listened to the videos.  With his Autism and sensory issues the videos were also distracting.  But, he wrote down pages of notes and diagrams.

I would recommend this program to a child that needs some extra tutoring or fine tuning in the Math This would be great for a child without Sensory issues or Attention issues.  This is strictly my own opinions.  The quality is great, it just didn't work with my Family.  Make sure to check out all the other Reviews by clicking down below and reach out to them on Social Media!
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Stinky Kid Math Review

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