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Jennifer Smith has been a huge inspiration to me.  And has helped me on my journey to SAVE my Marriage.  I found her online late one night while searching for answers and help for my own problems brewing.  I mainly found a lot of Husband bashing forums.  And I needed hope to continue my marriage not a bunch of angry wives filled with hate ready to pull the plug.  And then there was the Unveiled Wife Blog. 
I read Jennifer's story and even though our struggles were not the same we shared a common bond...We loved the Lord.  She was full of Faith and Affirmation.  I needed that right now, it was vital for me. 
So, I signed up for her emails and found the encouragement and hope I desperately needed.  I made the decision that night to cling to God even though I was ready to walk away.  I had big decisions that needed to be made and I felt so alone and overwhelmed at the time.  But, Jennifer's emails of prayers for my Husband made me see things in a different light.   
Jennifer's Love story helped me to Love my Husband like the Lord does.  I was able to step away, hold onto the Lord and begin to heal while my Faith wove my Heart tightly to the Lord's Word.  
When it came to my attention that Jennifer had a New book coming out I was thrilled to be able to Read an advanced copy and give a Review.  This Book is Outstanding and written in a way that feels like an afternoon with your girlfriend chatting and sipping coffee.  I truly believe her style of writing is the warmest and most sincere that I've read in quite some time.  She's transparent and authentic when it comes to sharing her journey with Aaron.  I enjoyed reading about how they met and fell in love.  So sweet and precious, but let me say that they are hit and I mean hit hard in their marriage as their foundation is quickly shaken up after marriage.  Struggles with intimacy, pornography, unrealistic expectations, financial issues, moving and feelings of inadequacy set in.  The Devil just sits and waits to make his move and when he finds his chance he can ruin even the seemingly strong couples.  
Anyone who has ever had Disappointments and Sin in their marriage NEED to read this book.  If you have ever thought about giving up on your marriage and settling for Divorce, you NEED to read this book.  You can pick up your copy of The Unveiled Wife HERE.     
The Unveiled Wife is Truly a Beautiful Love Story, you will be able to witness a couple grow their love despite their hardships.  Get a copy today and see what the Lord has to reveal in your marriage.
 Take a Look at the first few pages of her book HERE!
2 Corinthians 3:16
 But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.  

Thank You Lord for Unveiling me.......

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith began UnveiledWife.com, a web-based Ministry for Wives everywhere, in March 2011. She writes weekly Marriage articles including Encouragements, Devotions, and Prayers. She Authored The Unveiled Wife, Wife After God, and 31 Prayers For My Husband. She is passionately devoted to encouraging wives all around the world to develop God-centered marriages. Jennifer and her family reside in Central Oregon. Social media is a large part of Jennifer’s ministry for Unveiled Wife via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, where she serves a community of over 450,000 wives.

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