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We are coming to a close on our Review year for 2014 already.  I was pleased to hear that New Liberty Videos asked the Schoolhouse Review Crew to review several of their videos.  The Kiddos and I decided to go with The Forbidden Book DVD: The history of the English Bible($19.95).  We are on a quest right now reading through the Bible together and have never learned about the conception or preserving of our Bible. 
Brian Barker is the producer of New Liberty Videos and has been working in the Movie Industry for 40+ years.  Before he started this adventure he was employed by Universal Studios in Hollywood as an Editor on several TV shows, like B.J. And the Bear and Quincy

This video is recommended for a general audience but I have to step in and say that I think for one it may be over their heads if you have younger Kiddos.  And I think some things discussed and described are not appropriate for younger ears.  This video definitely discusses some hard topics.  You would definitely want to preview this before sharing it with them.

You can preview some of the DVDs at New Liberty Videos.
The Forbidden Book takes you on a journey back in time when preserving the Bible throughout the era known as the Dark Ages was on the shoulders of many Godly Men.

Here are the sections included:
  • The Dark and Middle Ages
  • The Culdees
  • John Wycliffe
  • Chains of Freedom
  • William Tyndale
  • the martyrs
  • Martin Luther
  • King James Bible
  • Apocryphal Books
  • The Bible's Influence In America
I would say the majority of the video is about the life of the men that sometimes literally had to sacrifice their lives to make sure that God’s true word was preserved and kept correct.   Their lives revolved around one purpose, that God's Word would be able to be read in the common tongue.  A few of these Men, I shamelessly had never heard of before in my life were Wycliffe, Tyndale, and Luther.  There were a few others mentioned and yes, I had never heard of them before either.
I have to be honest here...my Kiddos live for documentaries.  They will watch a documentary on how grass grows, but they found it hard to sit through this one.  Their complaints was mainly the rhythm of the video and some of the content Mahala who is 2 weeks shy of 15 thought was uncalled for.  But, I agree that some of it is, it needs to be shared.  Which is why I say you should preview it before hand.  My 20 year old looked at me and was like duh Mom....you don't know this?  So, I guess I have lot's of reading to do. :)  My complaint was some of the content was over my head.  I admit I have a lot to learn, but for me I felt like a 10 year old walking into a college class mid year.  It just was hit and miss as far as my attention span was concerned.

Even though we had a hard time watching the video we still learned many facts that made the overall experience pleasurable.  Seeing how our Bible become a book that we could read was priceless. The history behind it was very eye opening and it was really sad that the men of God had so many obstacles to go through to achieve what they finally did. If it wasn't for their true love of God and sharing that love we would probably have never had our Bible that we read today.  That just makes my heart flutter when I think of all the sacrifices that occurred for what so many of us take for granted.

Some of the Things we learned and saw in the video:

*The Bible is quoted 5,000 times by Shakespeare.
 *The bible has been a best Seller for 350 Years.
 *I was able to see the Oxford and Cambridge Universities
 *In the 1300's to buy a Bible a Priest would have to use a whole years' salary!
 *In 563 AD there was a Bible College started as a secret underground movement.
 *In 1663 the first Bible was Printed in America.
*I got to also see the 1000 year old Torah on sheep skin paper

I have already really stated some of our issues.  I don't feel that a documentary about the Bible needs to bring up the prices for acts of ravishing a virgin or a priest having a mistress. I was crazy shocked that the church employed over 100,000 prostitutes at one point.  My lack of knowledge about the History of the Bible may have played into my issue.  So, just look at the previews to see if it works for you and your Family.  The overall message came across, I do plan to watch it again alone this time....and take plenty of notes. :)

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