A few weeks ago we decided to have a StayCation.  Sometimes you just want to skip over all the traveling, reserving and packing to just head straight for the super fun part!  That was us this year, we knew we needed to get away and reboot our Family connection.  But, we wanted to spend all that time and money on the actual act of doing it not the place we were sleeping and gas in the van.  It was so much Fun that we decided to do it twice a year every year!


So, we kicked off our week with a trip to Our Kiddo's Favorite place to play...Dave and Busters.  It's like a Chuck-e-cheese for older Kiddos and adults.  I decided to have our first activity to be a Big deal, to create excitement for the week.  

Looking back now, I would probably used this as a midweek outing.  Just to break things up.  I had only planned 2 bigger outings for this StayCation, so I guess it still worked out fairly well.  

The very first game right off the bat Kaden won 1,000 tickets.  He was so thrilled he could hardly stand it.  All the other kids were now on a mission to get just as many if not more....when I say kids that includes Daddy too!  I was the official ticket holder that day, I needed 4 huge cups and my purse to hold them all. :)  Believe it or not we walked out of there with No prizes.  The kids have accumulated thousands of points on their card over the years.  They say they are just saving them for something really cool to cash them all in.  I think they just love getting the tickets more then the prizes themselves.  Which is fine with me! :)

One of the things that I love about D&B is the amount of space in the game area, it's not super crowded with mazes of games, booths and coin machines.  Which is why when the Kiddos beg me to go every few months or so I can usually be bribed with just a hug and kiss.  While we are there we usually split a few appetizers or we head to a nearby park for a picnic.  This particular day we all drank frilly drinks and had appetizers to celebrate the start of our vacation.  

Once we got home that night we relaxed a bit and went over our plans for the week.  The rules were simple...No TV or Computers unless it was a Family Movie together.  And all Activities had to involve the Whole Family.   Short, Sweet and Simple!  We had the Best week ever, I'll go over how I planned it out in my next post.  Look out for my StayCation~2 post tomorrow!

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