Bubbles and Dog Treats

We have had Homer now for a month today.  It feels like we just brought him home, but it also feels like we've had him forever.  That's having a Good Dog for You, they grab hold of Your Heart and suck you into their Puppy Love! 

I have Loved watching Kaden bond and fall deeper in Puppy Love with Homer.  Yesterday we took Homer to get a bath.  Kaden jumped over many Sensory Hurdles to be right there with Homer. 

The place we go offers Free baths on Thursdays for Service Dogs.  What a Blessing to both us and our Pooch.  Kaden at 1st didn't want to go, but we promised him that we would buy a Special treat for Homer afterwards and maybe something Cold and Sweet for us too. ;)

After we got Homer into the Huge tub Kaden and Mahala took turns spraying him down and lathering him up.  Kaden kept screaming, "it's raining Homer, it's raining"!

Kaden was so gentle washing his face with the wash cloth.  He swears green is his Favorite color and asked the store owner if he had any green cloths.  They didn't so Kaden settled on his Favorite color, blue.

After a good scrub and a nice relaxing rinse, Homer was ready to dry off.  But, first he had to shake all the water off so that we looked like we were in the tub with him.  Thanks Homer!!!

While Mahala was blow-drying Homer Kaden was a little antsy with the sound and there were a few other people in the store too.  I told him he could sit down in one of the nearby chairs.  I checked on him a moment later and this is what I see in the stall beside us.  Kaden asked if we could have one installed at our house.  Crazzzzy boy!!

A Nice treat for a Clean, Hard working Dog!  At first he wasn't sure what to do with it, because he hasn't really been raised with "treats".  But, I thought today was a Special Occasion and I made an exception.  Once Kaden broke it into a few pieces he knew what to do.  And very quickly he enjoyed every morsel.


  1. Wow! It is amazing to see this kind of progress, and such a happy sweet smile too!

  2. Yay Kaden! So proud of him!

  3. It's amazing what kind of bond a family has with the dog. I have loved the bond between my kids and our dog. I wish they had a place like where you went to wash the dog here. Way to go Kayden on jumping some sensory hurdles. It's an amazing feeling when we see our kids adjust to something we know maybe hard for them. I am not sure how well my son or daughter would have been with the noise of the dryers. Thanks for sharing as I read this with a smile and I chuckled at installing the dryer system into the house. Home is an adorable dog. By the looks of the picture it looked like he enjoyed his treat.

  4. How awesome!? Thanks for sharing about Homer and Kaden!! Washing a dog does challenge those with sensory issues! Way to go Kaden!!!