Painful Stimming

Autism and Pain, is there a connection?

In Our house we seem to think so.  Kaden is a pain seeker, always has been.  When he was a Toddler I remember him bringing me a blanket and asking me to roll him up tight.  So, that's what we did and over time he would ask if we could lean back on him or stand on his feet.  Kind of odd requests, but not for sensory seeking Kaden.  

He will fall down stairs, hit himself or bang his head on the table.  It feels good to him, it releases tension in his body and calms him when his Stims are just too much for him to control.  

The other day we were doing a project for school and he found these clothes pins.  Immediately he clipped them of his fingers.  He didn't want to take them off.  So, we took a break and let him get it out of his system.  Later I found them in his room.  They were lined up in a pattern shaped like a hand.  He is always organized.  :) 

What about You or Your Kiddo, any need for Pain while trying to calm down the Stim?

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