Doughy Fingers Control School Time Wiggles

We have been working hard in school everyday.  We have a nice little schedule going on and I think the curriculum is spot on.  Even though Kaden is eager to learn, he still has a hard time focusing on the words coming out of my mouth.  He's getting up and down, moving seats, playing in his hair, flicking his pencil everywhere and asking questions that are off topic.  Have You ever Experienced this with any of your Kiddos????? 
Weird thing is that even though he is doing all this distracting movement, if you ask him a question about what the lesson is about he will give you a right answer more times then not.  So, even though he can still learn while all this commotion going on I can not focus and Mahala wants to pull her hair out!  :)   I recognize that we need to quiet him down just a tad, because in the future he needs to have a somewhat quiet body for the sake of the people around him.  :)  

Oddly enough, even though he can retain information with all the commotion he produces it is not the same when other's are making a little noise.  I have seen him scream under the table with his ears covered just because Mahala was cutting strips of construction paper.  I have seen him have a complete meltdown, rage included when I've been giving directions while standing or moving around the room gathering supplies. 

So, I decided to give him something that he could quietly do with his hands.  Play dough is bright, soft, cool and you can mold it into anything you want.  Kaden will make things pertaining to what we are doing.  Today we were reading Charlotte's Web and he made a piggy and what he thought slop looked like.  He sits, is more attentive and engages more.  

I use it anytime I am going to be reading for more then 2 or 3 minutes.  For Science yesterday I gave him a container that had star shaped glitter and some sequence.  And when we were reading poems I stuck little letters in it to pluck out and spell simple little words.  He was so excited, it's something I think he looks forward to each day.

What do You do to keep the Wiggles from taking over you School Time??


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  1. Doing something with their hands really helps the, retain what they're listening to! We especially love doing fibre arts while we take turns reading aloud.