Just Another Day....But More Fun

How do you get your Kiddos to do their school work when they don't want to?  

Well, in Our house anything is possible. 
We have used Water guns to clear white boards.   Had school outside under a tree on a blanket.  Sometimes a nice trip to the library or a field trip can shake up the day.  

My kiddos also like it when I test them orally instead of them writing out their answers or have them use crayons/markers instead of a pencil.  That is one of Kaden's Favorites!!!!

 Another favorite is online learning games instead of their regular lesson or an afternoon of cards or a board game with the whole Family.....Plus a bowl of popcorn.  Surprise craft days or educational movie on Netflix is high up on the list too. :)

What are some Favorite Alternatives that You do to Spice up your School day?

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