What Was On Our Table Last Week

Some of our favorites this week have actually been sides.  And that's different, usually sides are bland or just average.  But, the Fam is embarrassing the Summer and all the veggies that come with the Season!  Good for Me and Good for Them.

The first pic shows a full meal.  We are from the South, so we love collards and beans.  So, that's what we had the other day except instead of traditional black eyed peas I used white beans.  And I only used Bacon instead of adding Ham too.  Love me some BACON! :)

 Last Wednesday we had yummy Tri-tip out on the grill and we love to have asparagus and potatoes with all the sour cream, cheese and scallions.  But we decided to be a little healthier and still had the asparagus with onions & tomatoes.  But, we chose tiny roasted Tri-colored potatoes with Basil.

For Lunch on Friday we decided to eat leftover grilled chicken with this side salad.  We used Spinach, Romain, Pea Shoots, Basil, and Broiled Tomatoes.

Saturday morning we had amazing Omelets!!  Our Omelets were filled to the edges with Mushrooms, Garlic, Pea Shoots, Red & Yellow Sweet Peppers and Onions. I always add a dash of Cayenne Pepper to the eggs.....yummmmmmy!

So, I guess the Cayenne Pepper wasn't enough, because I decided to make the Fam some Homemade Salsa.  You can NEVER have enough in the house.  Here are the simple ingredients.....and it's only 30 minutes from start to finish.  You will never buy salsa again!!!!!

Hope Everyone has a YUMMMMMMY Week!!

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