A little Help from the Siblings

Kaden was riding all over the neighborhood the other night in his Peddle Cart.  I find it sooths him being so close to the ground and he can actually handle it, unlike his bike.  He has a hard time still staying upright on his bike.  He has training wheels still and he rides the left one like mad.  Basically he rides on his front tire and left training wheel.  He reminds me of Forrest Gump. 

Speaking of Forest Gump....I love that restaurant!!!  Anyone else been there before?  If you ever get a chance to go...RUN....RUN to it and order your self the Bucket of Trash.  It's so yummmmmy!

Anyway, back to the Peddle Cart.....

He was just about to turn off of the sidewalk to cross the street when all of a sudden the steering column broke.  He was so sad.  :(  Honestly I was afraid he was going to have a melt down.  But, he surprised me and just skipped along home while his older brother drug it back home.

Now we need to get the parts to fix it, would hate to go too many weekend without one of his favorite toys. :)

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