Bento for Everyone!

On the Go Lunch for Kaden Tier 1of 2

It's Saturday and I am cleaning for family to come and visit.  Actually I am procrastinating the whole cleaning thing at the moment.  Which brings me here with several pics of Bento Boxes this week.  YAY!!!  So here we go!

Tier 2 of 2
 Today for lunch, Kaden had a turkey sandwich with crinkle cut cheese and PB , graham crackers, grapes and purple oranges!  Yummmmy!

Since Mahala had 2 games today I made both her and Dad a Bento.  Usually they grab from the snack bar.  And they will munch on nachos, hot dogs and greasy pizza.  Today they ate:
Dad's Bento

Tier 1

Mahala's Bento included some of last night's leftovers, bunny cheese sandwiches, turkey & spinach, nuts, seeds, granola, fruit and veggies.

When they get home dinner will be ready, so this is more then enough to get them through the day!!

Tier 2

Even Skylar wanted a Bento Yesterday.  It's just too much fun!  
Our Food!

 So, last night we had a Chilli Mac with a Spinach Salad.  Kaden of course looked at me like I was crazy.  He didn't have to say a word.  I just picked up his plate and put it in a box with a little flair and he gobbled it all up.  Even ate the onions. ;D
Kaden's Food!


  1. So creative! My kids would love this!

  2. Anonymous1/09/2014

    Those are too cute!!

  3. Very cute, but I feel so dumb what is a Bento box? I might have to start doing something more creative for Supergirl's lunches :D