The Three C's or Fish?

 In our house we love Salmon!  We love it with every fiber in our gut.  If you asked my children to choose between Salmon and any cookie, cake or candy they would choose Salmon before you could finish your sentence.  Offer them enough money and they may think about it, but I'm almost certain even then they would pick the fish.
Dad is the Best at cooking it.  He knows just the way his kiddos and Wifey like it.
It's pretty simple, the main thing to remember is not to cook it too long and keep your eyes on the "cooked" plate.  You don't want to cook it too long because if it isn't juicy then it's all dried out and kiddos don't like that.  And if you take your eye of the "cooked" plate you are probably going to end up with fish  with torn of end pieces and missing fish all together.  :D
We use a Cajun seasoning, salt, pepper and garlic.  I have to have GARLIC in everything, except grits, oatmeal and cereal.  It's a MUST!
Hubby preforms magic with a little olive oil in the pan cooking it just a few minutes on both sides.  He squeezes a little lemon over one of the sides right before he takes it out.  It will continue to cook as it rests for a "bite"...I mean bit.  HAHAHAHAHA
We usually serve it with wild rice or mashed potatoes.  The veggie is always asparagus, brussel sprouts or fresh green beans.
Mmmmmm, I know what I'm heading out to buy for tomorrow's dinner..........

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  1. I am DROOLING over this right now. Nursing a baby makes me ravenously hungry 24 hours a day and I may just have to run to the store right now to pick up some salmon...