The P Word

I am sick of being sick. But, that wont get you well now will it. Finally went to the Dr. today after being sick since Sunday. He was shocked at how high my blood pressure was, but said it was probably due to being so sick. And this explains why I fell up the stairs today because I was so dizzy and nauseous. He said I definitely have bronchitis, which is what I thought it was. He prescribed antibiotic, 2 cough medicines, over the counter mucinex and my inhaler 2 times a day. Anything else?????
But, I was glad to hear he didn't think I had pneumonia. Someone with Lupus and lung problems always fears the P word.
So, now I am going to take my meds and crawl up the stairs and watch tv till the sound of my CPap machine lulls me to sleep.
Night Night


  1. Anonymous11/19/2010

    Fear the P word??? I fear a cough anymore. Super bugs and all makes me very nervous. I go out with face mask quite often in the winter months. I don't want it. I've had p all my life until I quit smoking 5 years ago. Not once since then. Thank goodness. I still don't like getting sick as it takes such a burden on my body. I'm fatigue so badly that you add a cough, bronchitis or anything and my system goes in the tank.

    Feel better and I'll keep you in my prayers. Hugs. Tammy

    Go rest

  2. I hope you feel better soon!