It's Here!!!!!

I'm so excited!! It's official, I have a New laptop. I just did all the registration and this of course is the first place I headed to. The set up and registration took forever, so this will be a short post. The kids need lunch and school books need to be opened. I'll write more tonight, because Mahala has to go to the gym tonight.
FYI, Kaden ended up real sick with the Flu. Not Swine Flu, but a flu. His fever reached 104 yesterday, so it hasn't been fun at all. I'm trying to keep my distance, but still love him. The last time I had the flu I went to the hospital. Crazy Lupus!
I'll be back-


  1. Oh YAY for the new labtop! I need one of those!
    Hope Kaden feels better and that the flu doesn't spread to you or anyone else!

  2. I am in agreement with Tina's comment. Praying you don't get sick and that Kaden recovers real soon.

  3. woo-hoo!! I want one!! Sending well vibes!

  4. Hooray for new laptops! (I'm a bit jealous....) Enjoy!