This & That

Right now I'm sitting here having breakfast between two squabbling siblings. I want to pop both of their heads off and enjoy the silence. But, instead I'm going to let them work it out on there own.
This morning has been a slow process. I'm swollen like a puffer fish and as weak as dollar store coffee. Late night with Kaden. And yesterday I started cleaning some old books in our garage which turned into Skylar and I cleaning out the garage. After the garage we decided to clean the van out. Thanh came home and was shocked! What got into the both of you. I told him that I had a burst of energy. And when the energy graces my body I take advantage of it.
With every roller coaster you go uuuuuuup and then dooooooooooown. So, to prepare for the down I took a few extra pills, had a healthy dinner with lots of water and went to bed early. I woke up feeling better then most days after heavy activity. So, that just confirms to me that I'm learning how to read my ever changing body signals. Go Me!
Today we need to finish up our school work and then get ready for the weekend. Mahala is having two friends over tomorrow. Of course I have a whole day of activities planned. We are going to have a cooking lesson, 2 craft activities and a scavenger hunt. Then one of her friends will be sleeping over and we are going to do facials and pedicures. Fun, fun, fun!!!!!!
Well, the heat between thing 1 and thing 2 has went from boiling to simmer. So, I think it's safe to mingle with the locals now. Write more soon.


  1. can I be your daughter's friend and come over too? That sounds like one fun day and night!!! I'm am so jealous......

    Yeah, I need to get our more :)

  2. have a great time today...

    I can not wait until my Toddler is old enough to do that sort of day!

  3. I feel like popping of our kids heads quite often! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person in the world that feels that way at times! Have a great weekend!==Renee

  4. I always feel fairly good the day after a burst of energy. It's the second day when I collapse.

  5. I'm like you--with three chronic pain conditions I pay the day after a burst of activity. Yesterday was busy--today I paid even tho my room had to be vacuumed and so did the living room. But when you're in the best shape of everyone in the house, it happens, yes? I'm hoping tomorrow comes out somewhere in the middle