Pain, Pills & Tears

It has been a long few days and I just wanted to pop in and say hello. Boy was I excited to see all of the sweet comments. I appreciate them all and so does Skylar. I read them out loud so he could hear them in the other room. I have over 300 emails right now and when I glanced at them yesterday I recognized some familiar names. I promise to reply to them all as soon as I can.
As far as Skylar goes the weekend was full of pain, pills and tears. Monday I took him to the Dr. and he explained that because the break was on both sides of the bone, one a little higher then the other he may can get away without surgery. Once a week we will have it rescanned for the next 6 weeks. If at anytime it looks like it's slipping apart then off with the cast and surgery he will go.
The cast was painful; it goes from toe to upper thigh. Yeah, that was embarrassing, the Dr. joked to kind of make the situation a little lighter.
I say all in all he's doing as good as can be expected. I have pictures that I will download, can't break your leg and not document it, right?

So, besides taking care of Skylar and getting an average of 4 hours of sleep each night we are going strong with homeschool. Even Skylar did his work today. Yes, you read right. I made the boy do his schoolin' today. I told him that he didn't break his head so he could crack open a book today. LOL, please tell me your laughing too. He's been screaming child abuse for 2 days. Yesterday I was getting him out of the van to go into the Dr's office. I almost pulled off his stretchy shorts and then stepped on his good foot. Then when we were leaving I accidentally pushed the button that automatically closes the van door when I was looking for my cell phone in my purse. His leg was hanging out, Poor boy. That could have been ugly. I took him out for lunch and a milk shack to make up for my almost killing him.

I'm off to make dinner, Lord Knows I hate making dinner. Ta Ta for now!


  1. Oh Sheila! Please forgive me but I am trying not to laugh! That poor boy! You rock Mama! Tell Skylar I am praying for him! I love him, too! :)

  2. And oh dear, don't the pain pills make him sleepy? Ah come on, Ma, just a little break from school!

  3. All the best to Skylar for a speedy recovery!

  4. glad to hear he is doing a bit better!