Warning- lot's of puke ahead

Monday night Kaden started throwing up everywhere. Bless Thanh, because Momma doesn't do puke. Oh no way, no way does Momma clean that up. I would seriously throw up right then and there. Anyways, it was a long night for all of us. Tuesday rolled around and he wasn't feeling well, but no vomit in sight but there was thunder down under. I can handle the thunder.Tuesday night he light up the skies with pedialite. Sprayed it everywhere. God bless Thanh, I promise I helped the best I could.
Wednesday we were all tired and the whole house started whining about soar tummies. Oh no, we're about to have a flood up in this camp and I need to get out of here. I was starting to feel a little tightness in the throat, started to water in my mouth. I started praying!! Lord, you Know I can not handle this. I can not stand to vomit, Lord help me.........
The Lord must have taken a nap because I could barley make it to the bathroom. Then to make it worse Skylar comes in and tells me he just puked in his bedroom. My older kids know that if you puke Momma ain't coming to help hold your hair.
Mahala went with Anna to the pool that day. So, poor Kaden is here alone with Skylar and I tending to our own sickness. I'm laid out on the bed about dead and Skylar sprawls himself out on my floor and Anna comes running up the stairs. Mahala puked all over herself in the van. What do you think I asked her first? Did she get any on the van? What kind of mom am I?
Thanh comes home and it looks like a bomb went off in our bedroom. We were all laid out, even the baby. Anna was the only one standing, afraid to touch anything or breath. She got it anyway though! LOL
So the rest of that night the kids and I were sick and by the morning the kids and I were not throwing up but I still had the thunder down under. I was so weak I could hardly focus. I had lost 19 lbs. I know this because I have to weigh myself twice a day because of my water retention caused by my Lupus.
The kids just laid around Thursday, but I ended up going to the hospital, I knew I would have to go eventually. They gave me 3 liters of fluid and some other meds. I came home and rested. Thursday night Thanh gets sick. He never throws up, but has the diarrhea until Saturday night. And poor Kaden does too. This house is a mess. Yesterday we cleaned everything!!! Steam cleaned the carpets, cleaned the bathrooms, kitchen, put on new sheets. We even cleaned some of the windows, don't ask me why. That stomach virus has got to go my kids kept saying! And I was right there with them.
This morning we are off to church and I plan to have a little talk with God about this throwing up business.


  1. Oh my! Thank God you're feeling well enough to make it to church and see what he was thinking! Glad to see your well enough to get back to the computer- that is our # 1 priority, right?

  2. Oh you poor things! There is almost NOTHING worse than the full family onslaught.

    Hope you all are feeling much, much better.

  3. OH yuck! How awful! Hoping everyone is on the mend!
    No more puke please!

  4. That is AWFUL! I am w/you on the puke--I'll clean up all the poop I have to, but I don't do puke! Poor woman, you. I'm glad you guys are over it though.

  5. Wow. What a disaster! I am so glad you're on the mend and feeling better.

    P.S. I hate the puke thing too.

  6. Sounds like a tough couple of days for all of you. I like the new color scheme.

  7. hope you are all feeling better!
    I like that - I dont' do puke!
    Cute, I can handle my kids puke, but no one else and if the dog pukes, I'm running for the trash bin!