My Surprise Shin Dig!

I was right!!! My friend was supposed to take me to have my toes done, but she was late. So we went for a waffel instead. Oh Boy! After stuffing our faces she took me back hom wehre my husband greeted me at the garage. As I walked in everybody yelled Happy Birthday!!!! I was speachless, & that NEVER happens. So, I was shocked & happy that there were people there that I was totaly not expecting. It made me feel special for sure.
We had a TON of food, 2 cakes & lots of laughs. Skylar, my sweet 14 year old son wanted me to be surprised. It was all his doing & he went to my husband & they both made it happen. It's not every day that a child at any age would give up their Birthday party like that. So, this is why Thanh did not want to go on the camping trip with the church. He asked me if I was still mad & I said Heck Yeah!!!! I don't want him to forget my wrath or think I'm going all soft. What a day, a wonderful day. I wish that it didn't have to end, but I know it must.

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