Building a Tree...One Branch at a Time


I first have to say that this Review by far has been the Most Emotional and I've received a Blessing that I know my Words will not be able the Express my Gratitude and Thankfulness to Anna Rae for her hard work.  Most of you know I lost my parents at a young age and grew up in Foster Care.  I never really knew much about my Dad's side of the Family.  And over the past several years my heart ached to know more.  I felt incomplete somehow.  I would see those commercials about Ancestry and honestly it just overwhelmed me.  I didn't know where to start and worried I would waste tons of money barking up the wrong "Tree". 

When I heard about Anna Rae's Review Opportunity for Genealogy Revelations I Prayed to be picked.  And What a Blessing I received!!  Not only was it Easy to fill out the needed information for her to Research, but she was Warm and Genuine.  I could tell she had Passion for what she was doing for people!  Anna offers her Clients several Family History Packages, so you can choose the One that fits Your Needs and Budget.  So, it's within Reach for any Family!!

So, what did she find for me?  Let me start at the Beginning.... I opened my package and found a nicely bound book of Treasures.  First there was an informational page to explain some of the Reports and Charts.  Thank goodness for that.....I might have gotten lost in the paper.  :)  I was given a Pedigree Chart, Ahnentafel Report, an Outline Descendant Report, Family Group Sheets, Sources and Pictures.  Just take a guess how far back she made it?  I was amazed she went back 10 Generations.....not bad.  I once had someone research for me and they only found out my Dad's Mom and Dad's name.  I had spent almost $100 and waited 6 weeks for that.  I was so disappointed.  So, you can imagine the tears that rolled down my face as I read the names of my Dad's Family Members.  To Read that I had Family fight in the Revolutionary War just makes my Spine tingle.  To see names of Family from the Early 1600's is ever so impressive to my eyes. The names, Cities, Dates and Countries take me on a long journey through Time.  I can't wait to find out more and put all the pieces together and Build a Beautiful Tree for Future Generations to come!

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My Coat of Many Emotions

Have You ever had a moment of Pure Clarity, yet in a State of Shock and Confusion?  Yes, I know that sounds crazy....but I have experienced that.  Over the past Month I have went through so many Emotions I feel like my Mind has a Revolving Door.  Just keeping myself Sane enough to get through Daily tasks has been a Struggle.
I'm not ready to Come right out and say what has Happened to My Family over the Past 31 days.  Who knows, I may Never be able to and that's ok.  I can say that I am in a Better Place right now.....at this very moment.  What will I say Tomorrow?  I have no idea, but all the Professionals tell me I'm right where I need to be.  So, that's where I'm at.  You can find me on the Corner of Confused and Clarity!


Where Am I?

Where have I been?  I am here, but not here.  I'm just a Shell of my Old self.  I'm going through some Family Struggles that have consumed my Mind, Body and Soul.  I had to write this short post and admit it to the World that what I'm going through right now can Only be made right by God.  I need to break the Silence and try to find some Normalcy in my World.  Not Only for me, but for my Children.  If You know God Personally Please say a Prayer for my Broken Family.  And if You don't know Him Personally....get to know Him.....He is Amazing.

Love and Peace