My Favorite Potato Soup

 Somewhere around day 5 I decided to make some potato soup.  I needed something easy, warm, yummy and I will say again.....easy.
This is definitely my go to soup for sure.
I never measure I go by sight, smell and taste.  Towards the end of my dance with the Flu my sniffer and taste buds went on a little vacation.  So, thankfully this was made before that happened.  :)

I like to use little russet potatoes, half pealed.  If I use the little ones I don't have to cut them in halves or quarters.  But, if I have to use the big ones then I cut them.  I like them to be bigger then bite size because while they are cooking and being stirred they get much smaller.

So, I throw in a whole onion diced into a few teaspoons of olive oil.  I also, put in several cloves of garlic....we love garlic, so it depends on how your family likes their Vampires.....close or far away. :)

Before my onions start to brown I add my chicken stock about half way up my big stock post.  I add the potatoes, salt and pepper to taste and then start on the bacon.
I fry up a whole package of bacon till it's right past chewy.  Chop it up and save for later.

Once the potatoes are still firm inside(not ready if you were making mashed potatoes) then add a few teaspoons of cornstarch to a cup of warmed milk then add to pot and lower the heat.  Then add about 3 more cups of milk and about 4 chopped scallions-white and green parts. :)

Make sure you taste during this whole time.  I am looking for a thin soup this time because we are all sick.  If I wanted it thicker I would have used heavy cream instead of 2% milk. I like it slightly salted, because I will be tossing all that bacon, which will add salt too, so be careful of adding too much salt before you add the bacon.

Lastly after it has been simmering on a med-low heat for about 20 minutes I add the bacon, 1/2 a cup or so of sour cream, and 2 cups of medium cheddar cheese.  This particular day I also added a can of creamed corn, I have been known to add mushrooms, celery, leeks, carrots or white beans.  But, I only chose 1 of these additional items at a time, but play with it......food should be fun.  Live on the wild side and add it all together!!!  :D

If your soup is too thick, easy fix, just add a bit of milk or broth.  This is a great winter soup, but sometimes we get a hankering for it in the summertime.  You can make it with broth only and take out the sour cream.  I have enjoyed it with and without the cheese added towards the end.  I think it's best as a garnish at the end when you make it with broth only.
Enjoy and try to stay Flu free!!!!