Another Milestone Down

Skylar got his permit yesterday!!! Look out California, don't say I didn't warn you.

 He was so excited and I was very proud of him.  I look at him and smile whenever he hits a milestone.  I don't care how small it is.  We had our challenges growing up together.  Being a single teen Mom is not the easiest thing in the world to do.  Do it without the help of family and life gets even more crazy.  So, seeing him become the man he is warms my heart and flutters my soul.
All I can say is thank you Lord for keeping us safe and together and giving him the heart that yearns for greatness and the desire of God's love.


Look inside the Manic Bus......I mean Van

Go Toyota!!  Don't worry about the blinking, red, warning lights.
 This is what I see in my Van everyday besides my kids.....
I love this sticker, I told my kids every time they see it to say to themselves that They are FANTASTIC!!!!

It smells like Sweet Pea up in here!!!!!

Mahala put these up when she was 6yrd old.  Awwwwwww

Don't judge, Skylar broke the glove compartment and now we use duct tape.  It was hot last week so it popped open,  HAHAHA

Smelled like coconut up in here like 2 years ago, but I loved the little sandal and decided to keep it.

Can you believe how much dust is on my dashboard?  I promise Mahala just cleaned the car......in June at least.  ;-)