Country in the City

I love hanging out at the ranch where Kaden has horse therapy.  They have cows, sheep, pigs and the most beautiful horses.
After therapy we have lunch and play out at the playground they have.  This particular day Mahala ran across this sheep and it was so sweet and gentle.  Ofcourse it was so big it's little legs might have snapped in half if he had tried to get up.
Kaden was shocked, he had only seen them at the live nativity show.  They were tiny guys.  He said with huge, overly expressive eyes, Mom.....how Big Can a sheep get, it's going to explode????  I knew he was thinking shrinky dink in his head.  But, I reassured him that he was going to explode!!! 


Whole Wide World!

 Wings, onion rings and my three favorite kids in the whole wide world!!!!  
What could be better then that?  
 Absolutely nothing at all!


Just Keep Swimming.........

You know on Finding Nemo there it that song that Dori sings to Nemo. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  That's what I hear in my head every day....except it's just keep texting, just keep texting.
All day I hear notification after notification that both of the kids get.  And vibrate is not silent people, I'm telling you the sound from that is more aggravating then the little annoying chimes sometimes.  HAHAHAHA 


High School Diploma Please!!!

 This is how Brothers act right before a High School Graduation!!!!  Aren't they lovely?
I guess I will keep them, at least for now.  :-)



Look Mom I have a hook in my fries!!  I saw a J, she saw a hook.  I was just glad it was a fry and not an actual hook.
We went swimming yesterday after a trip to McStanky's for lunch.  I hate to eat fast food, but I swear I seem to find myself with little time in between activities.  I thought it would slow down after May, but by the looks of my calendar it ain't happening.
Pray for patience, an extra 5 hours in my day and an iron tummy!!


Mahala Catches My Heart!

Mahala is kicking some butt this weekend at her Softball Tournament!!!  Yeah Mahala!!!!  Love You!!!


Stop and Smell the Flowers

When he is riding his bike we always take a bag or back pack, because he collects the whole time.  Mostly flowers will be picked by the dozens.  But, if he finds the smoothest rock or unusual button he will grab that up too.  He loves the way the flowers feel and he shares with his Mommy.  I love walking with him.  Unfortunately due to his social anxiousness we don't get to do this nearly as much as I would like.  But, I treasure every time that we do.


Glimmers of Autism Color

 Kaden sees life in color sometimes.  But, mostly he sees life in black or white.  Every day we see glimmers of color in his world.  We live for days like that.  And on those black or white days we make a choice to love those too.  It is his life, our life.  And we wouldn't have it any other way.