Neurologist said Autism Spectrum Disorder, hmmmmmmmmmmm.  He said we were lucky to have him.  That he was "Bill Gates" smart.  What does that honestly mean?  So then we went to a Psychologist and she is very excited to have our little man as a new client.  Would you say client or patient hmmmmmmm?  We have a special diagnostic test scheduled in a few weeks.  Hmmmmmmm......  What can I say at this point?  Nothing really except our little guy is driving us crazy, well more like we are experiencing confused frustration.  Am I making sense?  Probably not, I feel like I'm babbling.  That's why I like this  little corner of the world where I can babble and I don't have to "have" the answers or even pretend to have them. 
Anyway, I will write later.  After doing some more research I will update soon.