Home School day

What happened in our front room today? We started our Human Anatomy Unit Study. Skylar is studying Biology this year so he has just finished the intro and is now supposed to be doing Chemistry. But Mahala has started learning about the different systems in the body and I thought what the heck. Let's do it together!!! So, each of them have their own Invisible person kit. Mahala has the woman and Skylar has the man. I will post pics later this week when they start putting them together.
Mahala was working in the yard today and she helped me shop for everything we need for her Birthday party. She also decided that she wants to learn how to crochet. Okay, like this will be very interesting. We will follow this, everyone will want to see this unfold. HAHAHA I guess the only other subject that she completed today was Math. Today was kind of like your typical Monday. Which is funny, because yesterday(Monday) was very productive.
Skylar worked on his Team Logo all day long. Seriously he was on the computer drawing, reshaping, reformatting, sketching this, erasing that all day long. He didn't even eat lunch till almost 4pm. So, he took a personal day today. But we all need that, right? Sometimes I feel like I need a personal week! HAHAHA Actually I don't need to be away from my kids for a week I would just like to have a week with no fighting, complaining or loud voices. is that too much to ask? Is it?????????
Kaden worked on his words and writing. Yes, he is only 3. But, he does on average probably 5-6 hours of school related activities everyday. He is a machine that Never stops. He reminds me of a shredder. You know how you turn it on and it makes that humming sound. That's Kaden 1st thing in the morning. Good morning...I'm awake and ready to go. Then you put the paper in and it does it's business and shreds it. But, then there is that soft humming noise. waiting for the next paper. I always play a game and try to feed the paper through as fast as I can so that the machine doesn't make the hum noise.

And me, well, I planned our invitation for the home school group's Teen Christmas party. Worked on Mahala's Birthday party, played games with Mahala and educated Kaden off and on all day. We also did some reading, baking and of course there is dinner. Let's not forget Dinner folks!
Thanh doesn't come home until 7:30-8:00pm so my day lasts for a long, long time. Hopefully I will get Kaden to bed by 9pm and then the other 2 go down between 9-10pm. The rest of the night is mine!!!!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeee!!!!