Weekend Family Breakfast

Here is a picture of my pancakes that my family & I enjoy just about every Sunday morning. Pancakes with hot syrup and peanut butter. Yummmmmmmmmmy! My secret ingredient is a dash of Cinnamon and a drop of vanilla. On Saturday I make homemade biscuits, eggs and bacon or sausage. It's a lot to make every single weekend, but if I don't the family moans and groans like a bunch of animals. Here's a pic of Skylar and his evil eye.

Just kidding......but he is waiting for his breakfast. Isn't he cute?

Now don't think that they don't help, because they do. They both know how to make the eggs, biscuits and pancakes. They haven't tried bacon or sausage, but I don't want the house to burn down either. HAHAHA They just say everything taste better when I cook it. Got to enjoy that. And during the week breakfast is all on them. They either make their own eggs or have cereal, oatmeal or whatever they find. And they also bless me by getting Kaden dressed and feed too.
I think weekend Family Breakfast is sooooo important. It's a time to relax and just be together. I get grumpy when we can't have our Family Time, we all do.
I wonder if Mahala will do the same for her family. And will Skylar and Kaden find wives that find it just as wonderful as I do to do the same for their family. Who knows, only time will tell!