Hugs are Beautiful

The most amazing thing happened while we were reading yesterday. Mahala was reading out loud and Kaden was in my lap while I was in the rocking chair. I could feel the glare on me and I turned to the side and noticed Skylar starring at me. About that time Kaden said he wanted to go watch T.V. Skylar jumped up and put the T.V on for him in my room. He came back in and plopped down in my lap. Hold me Mommy he said. He is such a big baby, but I feel it's important to feel loved and cherished, even if your a 15 year old boy. The amazing thing that happened though didn't happen with him. After Mahala was done reading Skylar got up and then she plopped down on me. And then it happened. After several minutes all of a sudden her tensed body just relaxed and I could feel her melt into my arms. It was beautiful to me because my little darling is so stubborn and such a worrier that it takes an act of God to derail her long enough to even sleep most days. She starts cleaning or doing some other chore when Thanh and I fight. She will do extra homework if she thinks shes running behind. She makes cards and letters and art projects for everyone in the family for every illness, crisis or any celebration we have. She worries about money, her taxes, health, school and just growing up period. she is always on guard waiting to be there at any given moment. So, to feel her release herself and let go was beautiful to me. I held her as tight as I could. She is not an affectionate person and is totally not a touchy feely kind of girl. So, I took that moment to show her that I too can be strong and take care of her. Skylar finished and then it was my turn to read. They all decided I should move to the couch so they could share me. And then we saw Kaden peek around the corner. He too wanted a piece of the action. How awesome that I am able to spend this kind of time with my kids every day. I am so Thankful!!!!