Strawberry Shortcake Panties

It's been a long time....I know. I feel guilt and relief to be back in the saddle again.
So much has gone on in the past month. I will need to divide it into more then one post.
Right now I am watching my beautiful daughter balancing on the beam. Dressed in all black like a ninja she says. Okay, ninja you will be I tell her all the time.
A few weeks ago my sweet daughter leaped into young womanhood. If you know what I mean? It was an easy experience for her, but a shocking one for me. I knew it was coming, she was the same exact age I was.
I was humiliated by my Mom, in a sweet way. I swore I would never do it to my daughter. But, look at me now.
I was in a Mom and Pop restaurant called the Frying Pan. My Mom went to the restroom with me that was located in the store room of the place. For days she had been scolding me for what she thought were "skid marks". So, I was proud to say to her LOOK, LOOK!! I told you I was wiping my butt! The look on her face is still so fresh in my mind. You would have thought she won the lottery. You want to know what happened next? She left me, left me right on the pot. I could hear her holler to my Dad that was probably scooping his last bit of eggs onto his fork. Fred, Fred.....Sheila started her period. I know that there are times in a persons life that no matter how much therapy, ice cream, pills, or even time can cover up the scar of life. This would be one of those situations.
I hear her way too clearly for her to have been close to my Father. She started yelling out his name before she turned the corner to the dining room. I wanted to sink into the bowl and some how flush it on the way down. But, that wasn't possible. So, after some self coaching I situated my yellow Strawberry Shortcake undies & walked that long walk back to the table. I was amazed as I walked around the corner. All eyes were on me. Almost everyone in there was over the age of 60. The women looked at me with a smile and would nod or pat the table.  Even the men peeked over their papers for a quick nod or wink.
When I finally waddled to the table my Dad was grinning from ear to ear. He patted my hand and reached to hug me. He had tears in his eyes. His little girl was growing up. I can relate to how both my parents reacted. My Mom was crazy proud and my Dad felt like he was losing something.
My Dad took me to the store to get my stash. I didn't dare have my Mom take me. She would have had the whole store in search for the perfect pad for me. My Dad was simple and to the point. But, Mahala had me to do her shopping with her. I was the perfect combination of both my parents. Lucky for Her...........