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I have said many times how much I love supplementing and pulling together different types of learning materials to drive home what we are learning about, from Math all the way to History and everywhere in-between.  Our Favorite way to do this is by using Games and Living Books through out our studies.  We were so thrilled to hear we would be able to read and implement 4 new books into our Family's studies this year that would put us in the Lives of some of the most fascinating eras in History.  From Carole P. Roman we received Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag, If You were Me and Lived in... Viking EuropeIf You were Me and Lived in... Ancient China and finally If You were Me and Lived in... The Mayan EmpireCarole P. Roman has become one of our favorite Authors, I have yet to get a book of hers that I haven't fallen in love with.  With so many titles you simply must head to her Blog or Amazon to look at all the adventures that awaits not only your children, but you too.

more_travel_imgWe started with a beginner's chapter book called, Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag.  What a cute little book, only a little over 30 pages, simply written with energetic details.  Oh Susannah, I just want to squeeze you, poor girl is just having one of those days.  As she navigates a day in her life the struggles of school, sleep overs and trying to get attention from Mom and Dad finds her weighed down and unable to sort out this messy day she's having.  But, after her parents catch wind and realize she needs some help they help her sort it all out.  I truly adored the book and appreciated the concept of basically filling your bag with too much life stuff, it becomes burdens that weigh you down.  Simplifying and dealing with little problems and situations is the way to go.  Kids today could really use this little book to help them manage, heck I learned a thing or two. :)

The book I was the most excited about was apart of the Historical Series, actually the last three books are.  But, we were so thrilled to get If You were Me and Lived in... Viking Europe.  We are studying Vikings this year and have read a lot about them.  But, this book is so unique because it puts you there, in a town in Norway back in 870 AD.  We learned how they traded, how their society was classified and the major importance of family.  Kaden said he could totally live a Viking life, especially with a diet filled with sausages, nuts, cheeses and bread.  I reminded him they also ate fruits and veggies too. :)  We enjoyed this book so much, it was a walk through from marriage, traditions, hunting, I mean you name it, it was there.  We have read this book at least 8 times.  Now, we are going back to certain parts as we finish our Viking study.  So, far he has made Viking boats and sailed them in the bath tube from aluminum foil, we made a stew, a meal pocket and an apple turnover type treat,  We are also working on a Family Crest.  Also, at the back of the book there is a list of some Norse Gods, a Glossary and some important additional Viking History.

If You were Me and Lived in... Ancient China was Kaden's Favorite book that we were able to Review.  This almost 80 page book was a Favorite because well, he is part Chinese. :)  So, all things Chinese interests him and the Ancients is no exception at all. You are shown an illustration of what Modern and 150 AD China might have looked like.  We enjoyed the way this book presented the facts to us.  Describing the Capital City as if it's paining a picture in our eyes.  We are able to see the people and hear the merchants selling on the busy streets.  We were able to visualize for ourselves what a common home would be like.  The types of clothing, food and traditions all detailed out in a manner that the Kiddos enjoy reading.  It was neat for Kaden to relate to the information like watching the Family in the book use chopsticks and the spices they eat.  We were able to get out our old Chinese calligraphy kit when he was inspired reading the book.... I was thankful he didn't want to also collect silkworms!  :)  But, reading about Chinese culture and their Crafts, Trades, Traditions, Education and even the different levels of society was amazing!!! Kaden wants to make a Dragon Kite next and we are researching more on our Chinese Animal that we all are determined by our birth year.  I found there are tons of mini lessons you can spin off of from this book.  Just like all the other books there is a list of Famous people and a glossary at the end.

The final book, If You were Me and Lived in... The Mayan Empire was also a treat.  We have not dived into this one yet, but we have flipped through it and I have read it.  It's very similar to the other books in this series.
 So, what did we think?  We LOVED these books....I will need to be looking at the other's in this Series.  Kaden said he liked how the illustrations used some real photos mixed in with the art.  It looks like the pottery and weaving they made was beautiful and oh so important in their daily life.  I was unaware of their teeth adorning and tattooing traditions.  I can't wait to get deeper into this book with Kaden soon.  Also in the back you will find a Glossary and a list of Famous Mayans.

These books would be great to have if you have a child that enjoys reading or being read to.  The Series books would be a perfect introduction or review to the Time Period they each represent.  There seems to be an enormous amount of information packed tightly into each book that is told in a way that your Kiddo will be asking for more.  I have found that through reading books like these kiddos retain what they learn so much more then just memorizing facts on their own.  And there are so many more books for you to look at.  I think gifting some of them to the children in your life would be awesome for the Holidays coming up and Birthdays. 
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