Once Upon a Time HOLY BIBLE and Storybook BIBLE ~ REVIEW

Kaden enjoys reading the Bible and we strive to read daily together.  I have grown so much as a person and a child of God the past few years.  And because of this I have found myself lost in prayer and excited to read my Bible.  But, it hasn't always been like that.  I wasn't raised to read my Bible daily or to seek out his voice in the word.  That is exactly what I try and plant in the hearts of my kiddos.  That God has comfort, answers, encouragement, wisdom and more available to you within the covers of your Bible and through prayer.

Kaden is my youngest and he has more Bibles then probably all of us put together, but when he heard about a New Children's Bible and Storybook Bible he was excited to dive in.  We were graciously given to Review the Once Upon a Time HOLY BIBLE and the Once Upon a Time Storybook BIBLE, both from Zonderkidz.  

The Once Upon a Time HOLY BIBLE  comes either in a Hardback Cover or a Pink Leathersoft edition.  This is a full on NIrV Bible that highlights 6 amazing stories with full-color tip-in pages.  Some of the things I really like about this children's edition is when the child opens it, it stays open.  This is one of those things that you don't really think about until your child is upset because they keep losing their place or frustration because it wont lay flat on the table.  Been there, done that....this is just a nice little bonus!  Another thing is the spacing and font is Wonderful for little eyes and fingers that follow along as they read.  The pages look so neat and clear, with just enough blank space for eyes to break away.  It could just be me, but I look at this stuff for my child.  Having special needs could influence this part of my review, but this is the Bible....it's already Perfectly written! :)  Just so you know, the stories chosen to be highlighted with full color pages are Adam and Eve, Isaac and Rebekah, Ruth, Queen Esther, Mary's visit from an Angel and finally when Jesus rises...perfect for Easter this year!  The back of the Bible is a small Dictionary and list of Great Bible Stories and where they are located at.

Now, let's talk about this beautiful Once Upon a Time Storybook BIBLE.  The book has a hardcover and a nice page in the front for you to personalize a message to whomever you gift this book to.  I love how in the beginning of the book is a small section that Welcomes your child to their book and explains a little about what adventures and amazing miracles they will read about.  The stories are divided into Old and New Testament.  Each story starts out with a verse, follows with the Once Upon a Time story and then wraps up with a Happily Ever After lesson, encouragement or some food for thought along with another supporting verse.  At the end of the book I was impressed that it reads that this book is at an end, but that it's only the beginning of the story.  And that they can read more incredible stories in the Bible.

I was very impressed with both the Bible and the Storybook Bible.  I also have to say that the artwork in both done by Omar Aranda is gorgeous.  It is spot on with the fairy tale animation that children watch in their favorite movies.  Now you can share with them Real Heroes and stories of Faith that will catch their little eyes as well as their hearts.  

The Once Upon a Time Holy Bible and Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible are available anywhere where books are sold.  And you will be able to also find the Storybook Bible at your local Sam's Club or you can find both right HERE!  These would make amazing Birthday gifts and would be great in any child you know that will have an Easter basket in just a few weeks.  Make a child light up with delight this year. :)

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